Carpet Patching

Let’s face it—carpet takes a lot! You walk on it, drag things across it, and leave things sitting on top of it! You will inevitably run into carpet problems. We often fix carpet damage with our patching technique, using a separate carpet piece, the “remnant.” The customer provides us with the carpet remnant, usually from a closet, roll of extra carpet, or a local store’s clearance rack.

In this situation, a family pet tried to dig under the doorway. In the process, it damaged the carpet, and this damage worsened over time. (Some carpets pull and tear very easily once damaged.) Using our carpet patching technique, we patched the damaged area. In this photo, you may notice slight color differences between the carpet on the floor and the patching remnant. This variation depends on the age of the carpets in question, but it is usually minor, especially when compared with the original damage. Curious what a carpet patch would look like in your carpet? Contact us.

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