Worried about your carpet? If your home or business calls the greater Las Vegas area its own, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve repaired carpet for years, and we fix the toughest carpet problems! Call or text us now, so we can help.

We offer excellent carpet repair and customer service to meet your needs. We realize you may not know much about carpet repair, so we created this page with details on carpet patching, carpet stretching, and miscellaneous carpet repair techniques. If something needs clarification, please let us know—we’d be happy to answer your questions!

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Carpet Patching

Let’s face it—carpet takes a lot! You walk on it, drag things across it, and leave things sitting on top of it! You will inevitably run into carpet problems. We often fix carpet damage with our patching technique, using a separate carpet piece, the “remnant.” The customer provides us with the carpet remnant, usually from a closet, roll of extra carpet, or a local store’s clearance rack.

In this situation, a family pet tried to dig under the doorway. In the process, it damaged the carpet, and this damage worsened over time. (Some carpets pull and tear very easily once damaged.) Using our carpet patching technique, we patched the damaged area. In this photo, you may notice slight color differences between the carpet on the floor and the patching remnant. This variation depends on the age of the carpets in question, but it is usually minor, especially when compared with the original damage. Curious what a carpet patch would look like in your carpet? Contact us.

Pet Damage – Before and After Carpet Patching

Before After Before After

Carpet Stretching

Have you noticed wrinkles appearing in your carpet? Does your carpet suddenly look more like an ocean than a floor? Have you started tripping on tiny rolls of carpet? This means your carpet is loose, and you should perform stretching asap. If you don’t get these carpet wrinkles and rolls repaired, they may permanently damage your carpet (specifically the backing). In some cases, minor creases may remain after the stretching, but they’re hardly noticeable.

Look at the second photo—do you see the little strip of coiled carpet? That’s the excess we trimmed out of this carpet, resulting in a tight finished product. Do you have a similar problem? Contact us now, and we could arrive in 3-4 days (or fewer)!

Wrinkles – Before and After Carpet Stretching

Before After Before After

Miscellaneous Carpet Repair

Carpet patching isn’t the only repair choice. In fact, we prefer avoiding it when possible. Whatever your carpet needs, we can find a unique solution for you. Do you need more padding on damaged carpet? Do you need help removing glued-down carpet? Do you need a transition between your laminate and carpet floors? Let us help!

In this photo, you’ll see that something snagged the carpet at the door jamb. In this situation, we took a tiny piece of carpet from somewhere else in the house where it was hardly missed—we can usually find some carpet tucked underneath a baseboard for these small projects. We performed the plug repair using the tiny piece of carpet. Now, it looks great! Your carpet could, too—just call or text us.

Our Simple Process

We use stretching and patching techniques most of the time. Though your carpet situation may seem baffling or overwhelming, most jobs are easy, quick, and successful.

When you call or text us, how would the process work? First, we’ll get some details about your situation, and give you our best cost guess. If you decide to have us out, we begin with on-site assessment in detail. Next, we’ll let you know exactly what needs done, how much it will cost, and what it will look like. After this, it’s your choice! If you like what we propose, we’ll start immediately. If you don’t, you won’t have to pay anything for us to leave!

We know you’re busy, and we strive to provide fast service. Once you request an appointment, we usually arrive in 3-4 days (sometimes fewer). Weekend appointments are also available, if needed. If you still have questions or concerns, please let us know!

Tiny Snag – Miscellaneous Carpet Repair

Before After Before After
Get a Free Repair Estimate by Calling or Texting Now!
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